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Weddings & 
Special Event Performances


Learn Bollywood dances for any special occasion needed!

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Are you looking to learn a fun and unique dance

routine for your special occasion? 

Well look no further, Karima Essa is here to

coach you through learning a dynamic dance. 

In just a few sessions, you'll have so much fun 

learning the steps to make your occasion 

a memorable one for you and your guests. 

Guiding you through each movement

step by step, Karima makes Bollywood

dancing fun and engaging. 

Baza dance studio in downtown Vancouver

is where you will take just a few sessions to

learn the steps you need to shine like a star

at your special event!

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You will feel amazing preforming your new Bollywood inspired dance after all 

your dedicated practice. Your audience will be blown away by the skills you've learned and will make your special occasion that much more memorable!

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