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Encouraging Body Positivity and Interaction

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In this 1-day workshop, students will learn that ALL bodies can dance like a Bollywood Star! In her trademark charming and humorous style, Karima teaches students the basic elements of Bollywood dance, including neck and head movements, facial expressions and foot and hand movements, while also using props such as scarves and Dandiya sticks. 

The music selection and level of dance choreography will match the energy and technical ability for each grade grouping. For longer residencies, students will be ready to perform their dance(s) to their peers and/or parents in a show. Karima will also perform her own Bollywood dance choreography in full regalia. Inquire for multiple-day residency options.

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Grades: K -12 

Duration: 1 day (30-45 min sessions / grade grouping) 

Capacity: 60 kids per grouping

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